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In-house Separated Neodymium, Dysprosium and Cobalt

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"ISR" technology separation reactor


Kiril Mugerman at PDAC 2019, “… light rare earths, heavy rare earths, mixed rare earths, or critical rare earths — I’m introducing here a slightly different term. In the mining industry, we always have to be in the industry of making money. 

We want to focus on the highest price and the highest demand material, which in this case is neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium, and terbium. 

“These are the HHREE.”

Contact us to learn about our ISR methods. Are they “selective”?  Why does it work with recyclable material? Can we try our process with your material? 

Listen to Mr. Kiril Mugerman, our CEO, give a quick summary of our business model in this clip:

“Capex of $2.6 million can generate $10 million revenue with one 8-hour shift with a 20% profit margin. Drive it up to a full 24-hour operation for $30 million sales with $6-8 million profits… That’s starting to sound very interesting.” Kiril Mugerman

"... largest in Canada..." Kiril Mugerman, 2019

“If we go about what GeoMegA is today, then we have a rare-earth processing technology developed by our private subsidiary INNORD and we also have Montviel, which is a 43-101 large resource of a carbonatite-bastnasite. It is the largest in Canada…”

Note, Mr. Kiril Mugerman was nominated as President and CEO of GéoMégA Resources on September 2015. Meet him at VRIC 2020. 

“… this technology starts with magnets, but there are other feeds that are using rare earth elements today which are not being recycled because nobody has the technology! We are looking to apply ISR to other rare earth feeds…”

The Montviel Rare Earth Project.

Drilling rig
Surface diamond drilling rig

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Geomega Resources,  President & CEO

Kiril Mugerman

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