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[ct_team name=”Kiril Mugerman” title=”President & CEO” image=”” web=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” gplus=”” linkedin=”” pinterest=”” Tumblr=”” ][/ct_team]Mr. Mugerman joined GéoMégA in September 2014 and was promoted as Director of Corporate Development in January 2015.

In September 2015, Mr. Mugerman was nominated as President and CEO of GéoMégA Resources. He brings both technical and financial experience to GéoMégA. Prior to joining Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. (“IAS”) as a mining specialist, Mr. Mugerman worked on advanced stage exploration projects internationally with Gold Fields Ltd. in West Africa, central Asia and Latin America.

At IAS, he served as a mining analyst in the industrial minerals sector focusing in the rare earth elements, graphite and potash sectors. He holds a bachelor degree with Honors (earth and planetary sciences) from McGill University.

[ct_team name=”Mathieu Bourdeau, CPA, CA.” title=”CFO” image=”” web=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” gplus=”” linkedin=”” pinterest=”” Tumblr=”” ][/ct_team]Appointed to this position since October 2018, Mr. Bourdeau brings a solid expertise in financial accounting and corporate finance, with an operational profile.

A member of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants, Mathieu Bourdeau holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from HEC Montréal, which he obtained in 2010.

From 2009 to 2016, Mr. Bourdeau worked for Deloitte where he served as Director of Audit and Advisory Services for the Montreal and Luxembourg offices. Subsequently, Mr. Bourdeau joined Explorance Inc., a Montreal-based fast-growing software company where he participated among others in the implementation of financial systems, the acquisition of companies and the opening of offices abroad.

[ct_team name=”Alain Cayer, P.Geo” title=”VICE PRESIDENT EXPLORATION” image=”” web=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” gplus=”” linkedin=”” pinterest=”” Tumblr=”” ][/ct_team]Mr. Cayer joined GéoMégA in 2011 as chief geologist, a position he held until he was nominated as VP exploration in April 2012.

Mr. Cayer has over 15 years of experience in mineral exploration on several advanced projects, most notably the Éléonor gold deposit.

Mr. Cayer is currently the qualified person for Geomega Resources Inc.

Prior to joining GéoMégA, Mr. Cayer was Senior Project Geologist at Virginia Mines, which he joined in 2002. In 2003, he was part of the team that discovered the Eleonore gold deposit in James Bay, which he worked on until it was sold to Goldcorp. In 2005, Mr. Cayer and the Virginia Mines team received the Prospectors and Developers association of Canada’s Bill Denis award, which is awarded to the prospector of the year in Canada, for the Eleonore discovery. Mr. Cayer started his career at Soquem in 1998 where he was exploring for rare earth and base metal ore bodies in Quebec’s Côte Nord region.

He has a bachelor’s degree in geology and a master’s degree in mineral resources from Université du Québec à Montréal. The subject of his Master’s dissertation was the characterization of an iron oxide and rare earth ore body.

[ct_team name=”Pouya Hajiani” title=”CTO” image=”” web=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” gplus=”” linkedin=”” pinterest=”” Tumblr=”” ][/ct_team]Mr. Hajiani joined GéoMégA in February 2013 and brings experience in process design and optimization to GéoMégA. He holds a PhD in chemical engineering with a strong background in physical separation, particularly magnetic separation.

Before joining GéoMégA, he worked in collaboration with IFP Group of France as process engineer and later, as a supervisor to develop process simulators for several petrochemical companies in the Middle East. In 2007, he joined a research group in Canada to pursue higher education.
He holds a Ph.D. cum laude (chemical engineering) from Laval University, a M.Sc. cum laude (process design) and a Bachelor degree (chemical engineering) from Tehran University. Mr. Hajiani received his PhD under the supervision of Professor Faïçal Larachi. During his PhD, he developed a new concept in process intensification that uses magnetic material to intensify chemical processes in micro/nano scale, far beyond the molecular transport limitation.

Dr. Hajiani is the inventor of the physical separation process proprietary to GéoMégA.

[ct_team name=”Mia Pelletier, P.Geo” title=”Geochemistry” image=”” web=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” gplus=”” linkedin=”” pinterest=”” Tumblr=”” ][/ct_team]Miss Pelletier joined GéoMégA in September 2011 as a geologist for the definition drilling campaign of the Montviel deposit. In addition to participating in the development of the geological modeling of Montviel, she has been supervising the environmental geochemical aspect of the Montviel property since December 2012. Furthermore, she also participates in GéoMégA’s other exploration campaigns of mining properties.

Prior to joining GéoMégA, Mme Pelletier worked for various mining exploration companies including Virginia Mines where she acted as an exploration geologist from 2008 to 2011.

Mme Pelletier holds a bachelor’s degree in geology and a master’s degree in Earth’s Sciences from Université du Québec à Montréal, mainly focused on environmental geochemistry.

[ct_team name=”Thomas Barucchi” title=”Geomatics” image=”” web=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” gplus=”” linkedin=”” pinterest=”” Tumblr=”” ][/ct_team]Mr. Barucchi joined GéoMégA in September 2011. He holds a M.Sc in geomatics and a B.Sc in geosciences with a combined background in geology and physical geography.

Prior to joining GéoMégA, he has been working as a geomatician for various companies in Canada, Australia and Europe.

Mr. Barucchi received his Master in geography from the Université du Québec à Montréal and his Baccalaureate in geosciences from the University of British Columbia.