GeoMegA Claims Graphite Portfolio

GeoMegA Stakes Graphite Portfolio

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MONTREAL, December 07, 2011 – Geomega Resources Inc. (TSX.V: GMA) (“GéoMégA” or the “Company”) announces the map designation (staking) of 293 mining titles rights (claims) over 14 properties. All claims are 100% owned and located near Mont-Laurier, Québec. Each claim was staked at a price of $53 for a total cost of $15,529.

« All 14 properties were staked for their graphite potential and identified using historical production and exploration data researched by our technical team. Graphite is in line with our exploration focus dedicated to « elements needed byClean Technologies in Québec » and its global demand is fueled by the emergence of green energy. The technical team has a two year window, including two full field seasons (summer), to work with, after which an informed decision will be made. Fast tracking Montviel is top priority, the Graphite Portfolio is a fitting, low cost opportunity we could not pass. » comments Simon Britt, CEO of GéoMégA.

Curières Graphite Project
The Curières project is composed of 45 claims located 50 km east of Mont-Laurier and covering an area of 2,465 hectares in Mousseau and Brunet Townships. The main lithologies on the Property are quartzite, biotite gneiss and graphitic gneiss. Previous works were performed by Resources Graphicor in the early nineties (90-93) and consisted of systematic geological mapping, prospecting and sampling, Max-Min electromagnetic survey and 32 hand-made trenches to collect large grab samples.

The Property hosts a dozen N-S to NE-SW graphitic horizons that are well defined by electromagnetic conductors, outcrops, and hand-made trenches. Individual graphitic horizons can be followed more or less intermittently over strike lengths of one to nine kilometres. Where outcropping, the graphitic horizons are usually 2-3 meters thick. Due to the high grade metamorphism, the graphite is described as flaky and comparatively coarse. The 32 grab samples indicate significant graphite potential with results of graphite varying between 3-5% and 10-15%, with five samples returning over 20% (high of 28.36%).

GéoMégA’s web site is currently being updated with all latest developments.

About Graphite
Global consumption of natural graphite is estimated at 1.1 Mt in 2010. Natural graphite comes in several forms: Flake, amorphous and lump. Only flake and synthetic graphite (made through an expensive process from petroleum coke) can be used in lithium-ion batteries that are crucial to the consumer-electronics industry. Demand for lithium-ion batteries will increase rapidly as battery-power (electricity) supplements gasoline and diesel-fueled internal-combustion engines in vehicles as « green energy » expands. Flake graphite will be very much in demand to produce the hundreds of millions of lithium-ion batteries required for these automobiles (Source: Technology Metals Research, LLC. January 2011). Flake graphite is actually like a deck of cards, it consists of many flakes with weak bonds between them. If a graphite flake is delaminated to its lowest common denominator, you are left with a one atom thick, transparent, conductive sheet of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal rings or a honeycomb pattern. That is Graphene. Two scientists at the University of Manchester won the Noble Prize in Physics in 2010 for isolating Graphene. Graphene is 200 times stronger and more flexible then structural steel, conducts heat 10 times faster than copper and can carry 1,000 times the density of electrical current of copper wire. This is a truly remarkable material with many exciting potential applications. (Source: BBC News. May 2011)

NI 43‐101 Disclosure
Jacquelin Gauthier, Geo., P. Eng., VP Exploration, is the qualified person who supervised the preparation of the technical information in this news release.

Major Rare-Earths discovery for Québec – MONTVIEL: 183.9Mt Indicated averaging 1.45% TREO
The initial NI 43-101 compliant resource calculation, released on September 29, 2011, totalled 183.9 million tons Indicated averaging 1.45% total rare earth oxides (TREO) in addition to 66.7 million tons Inferred averaging 1.46% TREO. Montviel has the potential to play a significant near term role in the clean technologies of the 21st century due to its proximity to infrastructure and available labour.

About GéoMégA (
GéoMégA, which owns 100% of the Montviel Rare Earths/Niobium project, is a Québec mineral exploration company focused on finding economically viable deposits of Minor Metals in Québec. GéoMégA is committed to meeting Canadian mining industry standards and distinguishing itself with its expertise, know-how and its support and respect for local communities and the environment.

29,274,113 common shares of GéoMégA are currently issued and outstanding.

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Simon Britt
Chief Executive Officer

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