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Montviel coarse grained minerals from the Bastnasite family

Montviel Mineralogy and REE distribution dominated by Fluoro-Carbonates

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Montreal, August 24, 2011 – Geomega Resources Inc. (GéoMégA) (TSX.V: GMA) is pleased to announce a high definition mineralogy report has been received from SGS Canada Lab in Lakefield, Ontario, describing the Rare Earth Element (REE) mineralogy of seven (7) composite samples from drilled core from Montviel. This work, included use of QEMSCAN technology which maps the individual mineral grains and identifies the fineness of grind required to liberate the valuable minerals, a prerequisite in the development of a metallurgical concentration process.

Mineralogy and REE Distribution conclusions:

  • The bulk composition of the samples is dominated by carbonate minerals;
  • The main REE minerals are Ba-bearing phases and their composition is quantified with electron microprobe analyses; both are Ce-rich carbonates. They are identified as huanghoite [BaREE(CO3)2F] and/or cebaite [Ba3Ce2(CO3)5F2];
  • Both minerals are fluoro-carbonates of the Bastnasite-Synchysite family and these along with monazite and pyrochlore, which are abundant in some zones, have high specific gravities and other attributes that make them amenable to metallurgical concentrating processes;
  • Distribution of the REE is fairly homogeneous although the mineralogy varies in different zones;
  • All of the Niobium and partially Yttrium is controlled by Pyrochlore;
  • Monazite is below 0.5% in all samples except the one from the high phosphate zone which contains 27% apatite and 2.5% monazite;
  • The apatite in the phosphate zone may be recoverable for use in the manufacture of phosphate fertilizer.
  • It is estimated the phosphate zone represents approximately 14% of the total volume of the mineralized ore body.

Metallurgical tests initiated
Equapolar Consultants has been engaged to oversee the rare earth metallurgical tests to begin in September at the SGS Canada Lab in Lakefield, Ontario. The principal of Equapolar, Gary Pearse, is an engineer, economic geologist and mineral economist with more than 40 years of experience, largely as a rare metals, rare earths and industrial minerals consultant. Mr. Pearse supervised the selection of 600 kg of core for process development and crushability/grindability studies and for variability metallurgical testing. Conclusion of the bench-scale metallurgical tests is expected in the first quarter of 2012.

NI 43-101 Disclosure
Gary H. K. Pearse M.Sc., P.Eng, an independent consultant, is the qualified person who supervised the preparation of the technical information in this news release.

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